An interview with Mattie Montgomery

We have sponsored 'For Today' a while now and wholeheartedly support all they do. They are currently on a U.S. tour but frontman, Mattie Montgomery spared us some of his time to answer a few of our staple questions. Check out the interview below....

Q : If your grandma were to describe you and what you do, what would she say?
A : Both of my grandmas are dead but if they were alive, they’d probably say something like, “Mattie’s the flyest guy on the face of planet earth. He stay on that grind like every day and keep haters stumped tryin to keep up wit him. He don’t get tired.” 


Q : When you’re not on the road, what does your perfect day look like? 
A : I love taking my kids to the zoo. They turn up like crazy people as soon as we walk in the gate and are running around yelling “Daddy, look!” at every single animal no matter how cool or lame it is. So, I’d love to spend the day with Candice (my wife) and our two little dudes at the zoo, then maybe leave there and hit Freebirds Burritos (because it’s the best burrito place in the whole world). And come home and put the kids to bed, and watch a movie with my chick. That sounds like the best day I could ask for. 
Q : What are your plans for the year ahead?
A : For Today is in the early stages of writing a new record. I’m SO excited about some of the stuff we’re putting together now. And I can say, in all honesty, this music is unlike anything you’ve ever heard from For Today before! (So, get pumped and/or worried… whichever you prefer. Haha) We’re going into the studio to record that in April. I’m also going to be speaking at a number of conferences in different parts of the United States during the Spring, which I’m very excited about. After that, For Today will be playing festivals all around the country during the summer. We’re still working out what we have going on for the fall/winter, but stay tuned! It’s gonna be awesome. 
Q : Favorite city to play and why? 
A : I feel like that changes all the time so it’s a really hard question to answer but, special shoutouts to Dallas, Houston, Denver, Pomona, Columbus and Oklahoma City. They’re some of our favorites. You can’t beat the crowd energy and excitement in those cities.
Q : Favorite song to play live and why?
A : Pariah. It’s one of my favorite songs we’ve ever written, and hearing kids sing some of those lyrics (“Death is only the beginning of everything I’m living for. This is my final stand!”) NEVER gets old. It’s also just got a cool groove to it, so I can really work my hips during that song. hahaha
Q : Which artists are you currently listening to?
A : Jason Mraz came out with a new album this year, called “Yes!” and it rules, so, I’m still stuck on that. Also, I really like Lecrae’s new album (which is saying something, cause I actually hated all his other stuff. Sue me.)
Q: If you could get coffee with 3 people (alive or deceased) who would it be?
A: Zack De La Rocha (Rage Against the Machine)

Michael Jordan (He’s the greatest of all time. Without question.)

Eminem (Yeah)

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