An interview with Lexi Elisha

2월 05, 2015

We recently sponsored a new artist called Lexi Elisha and she was nice enough to take time to answer a few questions for us. You can listen to her music at after you have checked out the interview below..... 

Q : If your grandma were to describe you and what you do, what would she say?
A : Haha……Heaven help us all…..My grandma would definitely start off by telling you some horrifically embarrassing story about my pre-teen years. I take her out to lunch every Friday I am off the road. But even with all of our long talks, I still think my grandma would tell you that I’m a driven, loving girl that likes to sing in the church choir. Haha. And I kind of like it that way. There’s no pressure with gram.


Q : When you’re not on the road, what does your perfect day look like? 
A : My perfect day starts off as any other normal does for me, with my wonderful trainer kicking my backside at 8 AM. It would follow with a nice long trip to Oakbrook mall with my mom and end cooking for my best girlfriends, watching Say Yes to the Dress, and snuggling with my furry dog, Brutus.
Q : What are your plans for the year ahead?
A : My goal is to take a little time off the road to focus on writing and recording. The road is one of my first loves, but I’ve been doing this since I was 15 years and I’d like time to make the music and finish my degree. I only have one more semester left holllllllleeeerrrrr
Q : Favorite city to play and why? 
A : I’m not sure how, but I always end up playing a lot of shows in Omaha. So I’m picking them today!
Q : Favorite song to play live and why?
A : Hallelujah hands down. I wrote it in a really vulnerable time in my life, and I am able to share my story during that song. It gives my set purpose.
Q : Which artists are you currently listening to?
A : I am forever fascinated with Jon Foreman, Beck, The Avett Brothers, Sleeping at Last…and Taylor Swift, she’s my girl.
Q: If you could get coffee with 3 people (alive or deceased) who would it be?
A: Jesus, C.S. Lewis, and Louis Zamperini

Thanks, Lexi ! Don't forget to check out Lexi's website at

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