An interview with Matty Mullins

Matty has been a long time friend of ours and we decided to catch up with him to see what he's been up to and what he has planned for the year ahead. You can check out his band, 'Memphis May Fire' on iTunes here. The band will be on the 'Black Mass' tour from February 5th to March 1st. Check out the interview below....

Q : If your grandma were to describe you and what you do, what would she say?
A : She would say "Oh Matter Satters, always the center of attention. I don't care for his music, but Jesus still loves him."
Q : When you’re not on the road, what does your perfect day look like? 
A : I prefer to stay busy. Relaxing is never very relaxing to me, I just end up overthinking things that haven't even happened yet haha. If i'm not writing, I'm running errands for my wife or doing work around the house and that makes me happy. A desire for productivity runs in my family. 
Q : What are your plans for the year ahead?
A : We (Memphis May Fire) have endless amounts of touring planned, America and abroad all throughout 2015. I hope I can find the time to do another solo record as well. Since I'm not touring on my solo stuff, I'd like to put out new music & music videos as often as possible. We'll see. 
Q : Favorite city to play and why? 
A : Honestly it's tough to pick a favorite these days. Everyone is so good to us, but I will say, there's something really special about Detroit and it's surrounding areas. It just feels like we ALWAYS have amazing shows there, no matter what the circumstance. That's rad
Q : Favorite song to play live and why?
A : Well for me, it's always our newest material. Since it's still fresh and exciting to me, I tend to feel more connected to those songs live. "Need To Be" has been especially great in our most recent set lists. 
Q : Which artists are you currently listening to?
A : I've been stuck on Hot Water Music the past few days. After seeing Chuck Ragan live it's been hard to listen to anything else. I go through phases like this all the time. I know a ton of great music will be released in 2015 and I'm really looking forward to it. 
Q: If you could get coffee with 3 people (alive or deceased) who would it be?

A: 1.) My Dad. He hates coffee but I love spending time with him.

2.) Judah Smith. He's been a huge influence in my life and in my ministry. I'd just like to say thanks in person.

3.) Cory Elder (Memphis May Fire bassist). Sometimes I just have to say things out loud before my brain will make sense of it and Cory is an awesome listener. I learn something new every day just from observing his patience with others. What a great dude. 

Thanks, Matty! Don't forget to pick up the band's newest record "Unconditional" on iTunes and check them out in a city near you soon! 
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